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Picture Outstanding Shorthorns Like These In YOUR Herd


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Watch the video below to see our cattle in their plain, everyday clothes.  Just imagine what they would look like primped up for the show ring.  We have some replacement heifers for sale by private treaty Fall 2015. 

Be sure to check out our Herd Sires in our video.


2016 Two Year Old Bulls:

1700+ Lbs.

Big Footed, Ready For Heavy Service. Thick and Deep Bodied. Genetically Bred to Add Pounds to the Weaning and Yearling Weights of their Offspring. Call Today to Choose Your Herd Improver.

Just remember, when you pray for rain, you have to be willing to put up with some mud!

The Vacura family has raised registered Shorthorns for four generations on their ranch near Jennings, Kansas.  The cattle in our herd are among the best you can purchase throughout the United States.  Our bulls have the genetics that give low birth weight and fast weight gain in calves.  As any cattleman knows, those two features are of prime importance in running a cow-calf operation. 
Calves in our herd who are only a few weeks old show the confirmation and stance that is desired in the show ring.  Heifers and steers from our herd are an excellent choice for 4-H projects.
The video below shows our 2015 replacement heifers.  Heifers like these sold by private treaty in Fall, 2014, and certain select heifers are for sale this fall.  Contact us early to get first pick.


Shorthorn Heifer & Bull Calves For Sale


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